Rx  4 Discovery Math

This is a lecture and laboratory course designed to train teachers to provide mathematical intervention in a group setting. Rx 4 Discovery Math is specifically intended for students in Grades R – 5 who would benefit from early intervention or whose basic mathematics skills are below expected standards.

The time required for assignments and prerequisite assignments has been estimated at 7 hours.

Rx 4 Discovery Math

Course description

Rx 4 Discovery Math will build and strengthen number sense, maths fluency, maths vocabulary, and problem solving strategies within three 30-minute or two 45-minute weekly small sessions. Students who need to master basic number sense skills as well as those who rely on procedural understanding would benefit most from this programme.

Students will be challenged to apply their growing understanding of number sense to solve novel problem solving activities that challenge thinking and reasoning. Hands-on, research-based, number sense activities will be utilized as the core content of this dynamic intervention while mediation, Socratic questioning, and the strengthening of cognitive functions will serve as the core methodology. In this dynamic intervention, students’ foundational maths concepts will be strengthened while their thinking and problem solving skills will be challenged, all within an atmosphere where maths anxiety is reduced and thinking is maximized.

Rx 4 Discovery Math

The Rx 4 Discovery Maths training strengthens your skills in 4 essential ways:

  1. To provide small-group mathematical intervention that includes activities to strengthen the foundation of mathematical thinking: Number Sense.
  2. To immerse students in dynamic activities that foster the understanding of what numbers mean as well as think and reason flexibly with numbers, use numbers to solve problems, spot unreasonable answers, understand how numbers can be taken apart and put together in different ways, see connections among operations, figure mentally, and make estimates.
  3. To strengthen conceptual understanding of numbers and encourage the development of self-generated mathematical strategies for efficient mathematical methods that produce independent thinkers.
  4. To provide instruction in mathematical language and problem solving through mediation, questioning, and small-group interactions where students’ competency in routine and non-routine mathematical problems and awareness of patterns and relationships is strengthened.
Course Objectives


Successful completion of this course will enable the participant to better understand student needs in maths, based on the four subtypes of maths disabilities and understand how to strengthen number sense, develop maths fluency, and bolster problem solving skills, while also learning how to utilize the group model for Rx 4 Discovery Math to teach students conceptual, procedural, and problem solving maths skills and strategies to strengthen students’ foundational grasp of numbers.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Communicate an understanding of the differences between group and individualized interventions.
  2. Demonstrate an ability to work with groups of 4-6 students in the teaching of basic mathematical skills focused on number sense.
  3. Communicate the theories of mediated learning in a group setting
  4. Design a plan for group implementation that would meet the learning needs of specific groups of students.
Course Resources
  1. Rx for Math training Manual
  2. The Neuropsychology of Mathematics by Dr. Steven G. Feifer
  3. Coming to Know Number by Grayson H. Wheatley & Ann M. Reynolds – required text
  4. Number Sense Routines by Jessica F. Shumway
  5. Mediating Math by Sue Hutchison, Kathy Keafer & Pattie Perry
  6. Mediating Learning In and Out of the Classroom by Cognitive Research Program
  7. Playing with Math: The Name of the Game by Chris Horne and Steven Feifer
Course Requirements


Participants need to have a teaching degree, or relevant related degree, and have experience working with children.

Pre-course Preparation:

Obtain permission from the school or programme supervisor to use group models in classrooms, remedial rooms, or after school settings. No written permission is required for this course, but we ask that you secure permission ahead of time in order to ensure ease of implementation after training is completed.

Read Part l, “Helping Children Learn Mathematics”, of Coming to Know Number and print Part ll, “Pupil Activities”, for use in demonstrations during the course.

Read the following 4 articles:

  • Early Number Sense Plays a Role in Later Math Skills by Lauren Neergaard
  • Is It Counting or Adding? by Sara Eisenhardt, Molly H. Fisher, Jonathan Thomas, Edna O. Schack, Janet Tassell, and Margaret Yoder
  • What is Conceptual Understanding? by Balka, Hull, and Harbin Miles
  • Using Concreteness in Education by Megan C. Brown, Nicole M. McNeil, and Arthur M. Glenberg
  • Coming to Know Number by Grayson H. Wheatley & Ann M. Reynolds – Part ll, “Pupil Activities” printed and prepared for use during the course.
  • Number Sense Routines by Jessica F. Shumway
  • Mediating Math by Sue Hutchison, Kathy Keafer and Pattie Perry
  • Playing with Math: The Name of the Game by Chris Horne and Steven Feifer
Course evaluation
Participants will practice the maths techniques with a small group and receive feedback on their demonstrations. Proficiency with number sense activities and the ability to articulate their importance will be assessed.
Rx 4 Discovery Math

NILD's Philosophy:

Believing that all students can learn and that the brain is open to modification at all stages of development, we provide direct and focused educational treatment for cognitive systems that are weak and vulnerable

Rx 4 Discovery Math

 R4 100,00

Deposit: R2 050,00

(due with application form)

School Price: please see the application form)

Please note: You need to attend the entire training in order to fulfill the pass requirements. Classes will finish at 5 p.m. on the final day of training.

Classes start at 8.30 a.m.

Accommodation and transport: For your own arrangement.

Rx 4 Discovery Math

It has been such an inspiration to me as a therapist, to see my pupil growing in confidence as his school work improves. He enjoys his therapy sessions and responds well to the various techniques we have done.

Ann Briscoe (NILD Educational Therapist, South Africa)

I have found that while being a NILD therapist my auditory memory has improved. I struggled with Rhythmic Writing while doing Level 1 and when doing my Level 2 training, I was able to help some of the new therapists with Rhythmic Writing. 


Karen Weimann (NILD Educational Therapist, South Africa)

I like school now.

Ethan Wilson age 9 Learner

NILD Level 1 was the most wonderful and effective training course. I am a confident parent and a teacher. Rhythmic Writing is just great. My son's hand writing is legible. Last summer holidays, one of his friends [studied together in class 2 and 3, now my son is 15] told me, "Aunt, I can now read what Simran has written." Now I am harvesting the benefits. 

Dr. Janki Venkatesh (NILD Educational Therapist, India)

Very inspirational and knowledgeable course with good practical and tangible application. The way children were meant to learn.

Moné van Rooyen (NILD Educational Therapist, South Africa)

Search and Teach is an amazing programme, for younger children with learning problems. 


Karen Weimann (Search & Teach Practitioner, South Africa)

This programme makes the entire learning process active, engaging and enriching! 

Jayasree Venkatesh (NILD Educational Therapist, India)

My handwriting has improved a lot. 


I am delighted with what information I came away with, even after teaching for so many years, I learnt so much. No other course has delivered the amount of information and equipment which we received. The girls on the course were wonderful and we were kept busy for 5 days. Jacquie and Shireen did an amazing course and I can only say a resounding thank you.

Rosemarie Wade (Search and Teach Practitioner, Swaziland)

I like working on the board, it makes me clever. 

Aiden age 7

Rx 4 Discovery Math
Rx 4 Discovery Math