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We are excited to announce that our workshops and NILD Educational therapy courses are now

SACE accredited!


Rx for Discovery Reading, Writing and Math

(ALL CLOSING DATES: 12th September 2021)



Training dates for 2021 are below!


Become a professionally NILD Certified Educational Therapist

Learn how to unlock student potential through an individualized, therapeutic approach.

The goal of NILD Educational Therapy® is to help students develop tools of independent learning in the classroom and in life. Believing that all students can learn and that the brain is open to modification at all stages of development, we provide direct and focused educational treatment for cognitive systems that are weak and vulnerable.

Attend our research-based, graduate-level training courses to become an NILD Educational Therapist.

NILD is always seeking to train more therapists to meet the high demand for educational therapy in schools and private practices worldwide.


NILD Educational Therapy Level 1 :

Next course to be announced

NILD Educational Therapy Level 2 :

Online 4th - 31st October 2021 and online Residency week 3rd-7th January 2022.  Applications close on 12 September 2021.

NILD Educational Therapy Level 3 :

Online 4th to 31st October 2021 and online Residency week 3rd-8th January 2022 (incl. WJIV).  Applications close on 12th September 2021.


Rx 4 Discovery Math :

9th and 10th October 2021.  Closing date 12th September 2021.

Rx for Discovery Reading :

1st to 3rd October 2021.  Closing date 12th September 2021                     

Search and Teach Training :

To be announced.  Please send in a completed application form if you are interested.                                                            

Rx for Discovery Writing :

16th and 17th October 2021.  Closing date 12th September 2021.

Woodcock Johnson IV:

To form part of Level III training: 8th January 2022

Become a member of NILD (for therapists)

We would love you to join our NILD community and offer some great benefits, news and special offers!

  • Paid-up members will be listed on the website (as Active or Non-active).
  • Students will be referred to them.
  • Paid-up members will be listed on the website (as Active, Non-active or Associate).
  • Students will be referred to them.
  • Paid-up members will be listed on the website (as Active, Non-active or Associate).
  • They will be allowed to attend Workshops, Mini-conferences and Area Support Groups.
  • They will receive communication from the PST regarding NILD-SA.
  • They will have access to libraries of CD’s, DVD’s and books. Copies of CD’s and DVD’s for each centre will be made available, and the Therapists can loan these at a cost of R10 per item. Each Area Support Group would run this facility like a book club.
NILD search and teach


International Dyslexia Association (IDA)

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) recognises the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) for meeting IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.

A Word

From a Therapist

” It has been an inspiration to me as a therapist to see my pupil growing in confidence as his school work improves.  He enjoy his therapy sessions and responds well to the various techniques we have done.  “

Ann Briscoe
NILD Educational Therapist



Our News & Announcements

Adventures in Tele-practice

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