Professional NILD Support Team (PST)

Belinda Quin


Belinda completed her first three years of her Higher Diploma in Education at Pietermaritzburg Teacher’s Training College and completed her final year at Edgewood College of Education in 1988. In 2007 & 2008 she completed a Certificate course on Inclusive Education (Barriers to Learning) through Unisa. In 2009 she started exclusively teaching Remedial children.

 It was through watching one of her own children struggling on a daily basis in the school system that motivated Belinda to embrace different ways of teaching. It became her mission to help as many children as she was able to, to be able to leave school feeling empowered, as opposed to ‘stupid and inadequate’. In early 2017, in her quest to find out more ways to help children who learn differently to succeed, she came across NILD Educational Therapy. This was the beginning of one of the most exciting journeys of her life.

 Belinda is now a Level III trained therapist and is excited, and expectant, to see just how many lives are changed through this unbelievably sound and theoretically based therapy. She has recently become actively involved in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands Area Support Group and is currently a member of the NILD-SA Professional Support Team.


Karen Weimann


Karen Weimann completed her Higher Diploma in Education at Edgewood College of Education in Durban where she did a Remedial Course during her final year.  Her training was followed by teaching Grade 4 and 5 in Durban and later in Johannesburg.

It was whilst her own children were growing up that she met a friend of theirs who had severe learning difficulties.  She saw how NILD Educational Therapy enabled him to matriculate with a Bachelor’s pass and continue on to complete his Degree, which encouraged her to begin her studies to become an NILD Therapist in 2011.

Karen is now a Level III trained therapist and is passionate about helping children who learn differently. She is currently a member of the NILD-SA Professional Support Team and is actively involved with the Western Cape Area Support Group.

Rae Mosdell


Teaching children how to learn independently is one of Rae’s greatest passions, and she enjoys discovering and creating novel ways of teaching concepts and skills, especially when it involves fun and games. She is passionate about helping her learners to find their own passions and strengths, and in motivating them to work through their areas of challenge.  Her approach to therapy is always mindful of the maxim “leave no-one behind!”

Rae has over 29 years of experience in teaching in schools across South Africa.  She spent the first 20 years of her teaching career teaching in the Foundation and Early Childhood development phases.  It was whilst running a Mastery Unit at a school in the foothills of the Drakensberg in Kwazulu-Natal that she began exploring a calling into full time remedial therapy, and it was during this time that she embarked on acquiring her NILD Educational Therapy qualifications.  She worked as a NILD Educational therapist and an Academic support therapist for 9 years and is currently working as an ECD educator.

Rae serves on the NILD Professional Support Team as the Area Support Group coordinator.

Olive Surendorff


Olive Surendorff is a newly-trained Level 3 Educational Therapist and member of the PST.  She lives in the small town of Greytown and works at Wembley College as the Head of their Academic Support Department.  She finds that the NILD techniques really work and has seen tremendous changes in her scholars’ achievements as well as their overall well-being.

Before she became an NILD educational therapist she worked as a teacher. Her qualifications include a B.Ed. in the Intermediate and Senior phases, majoring in English, Afrikaans and Psychology, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Inclusive Education. Her desire to help students who are falling behind led her to train as an Educational Therapist with the National Institute for Learning Development in South Africa (NILD-SA).

Olive feels blessed to be part of the organization, saying that it feels like she is part of a family.  Olive says, ‘It feels like I’m finally making a difference.’

Jenny-Lynne Taylor


Jenny-Lynne studied her Bachelor of Education degree, specialising in Foundation Phase teaching, at Embury Institute for teacher Education (EITE). Jenny has always had a passion for working with children who struggle.

After graduating in 2011, she began her teaching career at Lungasisa Indlela Village (LIV) where she taught a combined class of Grade R, Grade 1, and Remedial orphaned and vulnerable learners. It was during this period that Jenny-Lynne began her NILD journey, enrolling for NILD educational therapy training. Jenny-Lynne felt she wanted to be better equipped to reach all the learners that crossed her path.

Over the years, it was through implementing aspects of NILD in her classroom as well as through her individual therapy that she saw first-hand the difference it made to her learners.

Jenny-Lynne is now a Level III NILD Educational Therapist and a member of the NILD-SA Professional Support Team. She is passionate about the National Institute for Learning Development South Africa (NILD-SA) and is eager to see the benefits of this fantastic programme reach more struggling learners, equipping them with the tools they need to soar.

Chivonne Aldous


Chivonne completed her degree in education in 2009 and went on to do her honors in Inclusive Education in 2011. “I have always had a special interest in helping children with barriers to learning and there is nothing more rewarding to see a child achieve something that they could not do before.” It was during her time as an LSEN teacher that she felt she needed some ‘extra tools’ to help those children in need. “I heard about NILD Therapy and I cannot believe how it has changed my life and the way I think. I am now a full time NILD Therapist and so blessed to be doing what I love as a career.”