Directors of NILD SA

Meet our passionate team behind NILD South Africa

Leone’ Kode – National Director


Leoné Kode is passionate about assisting children who learn differently and with difficulty. She is currently the National Director of NILD-SA, and is also the chairperson of the Board of Directors and the Professional Support Team (PST). In addition to completing a Teaching Diploma at Cape Town Teachers’ College, and a Higher Diploma in Education (Learners with Special Educational Needs) with UNISA, she has also completed the Level 1 Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment course. She is currently working towards obtaining a Masters Degree in Education, specialising in Educational Therapy.
Leoné has been working as an NILD Educational Therapist for 23 years and is an Instructor for NILD-SA, teaching courses and workshops nationally and internationally.

Susan Garrard


Sue Garrard is a member of the Board of Directors of NILD-SA (NPO).  She has 34 years of teaching experience and has taught Grades One to Three. She taught in the classroom for 21 years after which she started her NILD Educational Therapy journey.  She currently has two hats and serves as a Learner Support educator and an NILD Educational Therapist.

Sue completed her Higher Diploma in Foundation Phase Education at the Pretoria College of Education. Not being satisfied, she went on to do a Further Diploma in Remedial Education (cum laude). Sue has worked as an NILD Educational Therapist for 12 years and is an instructor for the Level 1 NILD Educational Therapy course.

Sue’s passion has always been to help children who learn differently, as her own son has ADD and is a divergent learner. She truly believes in the NILD Educational Therapy programme, as she has seen the changes that it has made in students’ lives.

Santie Botha


Santie Botha was an Occupational Therapist before she became a certified Expert NILD Educational Therapist.  She completed her Level 1 training in 2000 and has been working as an NILD Educational Therapist ever since. She has a passion for working with students who learn differently as her own son was diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum, Anxiety Disorder, and ADHD, and this sparked a passion in her work with children who have been similarly diagnosed.


Santie is currently a director of NILD SA. She is, and has been since 2008, an instructor for Level 1 and 2 training, being the current Lead instructor for level 1.

Louise Van Eck


Ever since Louise can remember, she always wanted to work with children. Child development, both on a psychological and academic level, has always fascinated her, because children are so unique, creative and honest.

 Louise completed her degree and honours in Journalism, with Psychology as an extra subject. When her own children were born, she decided to follow her passion and started her own playgroup. Over the next 15 years, she became aware of the increased cognitive difficulties that children were experiencing. She decided to train as an NILD Educational Therapist and has worked with students with learning difficulties for the past 9 years. Louise is also a qualified Search and Teach Practitioner and an instructor for NILD-SA.


The children you teach may not remember you when they get older, but they will always have a part of you inside them…. the part that gave them hope and love and taught them to believe in themselves. 

                                                             – Maryln Appelbaum

Debbie Stroberg


After graduating from the Pretoria College of Education as a Foundation Phase teacher, Debbie completed a Further Diploma in Remedial Education through the College of Education for Further Training.  She went on to teach in a class for children with special needs and it was here that she found her niche.

After several years out of teaching to raise her own family, Debbie returned to teaching and once again, found that her passion lay in working with those students who found learning to be a challenge.

She took the decision to start her NILD training in 2014 and qualified as a Level III Educational Therapist in 2019. Debbie is a qualified Search and Teach practitioner and has completed the NILD Rx for Discovery Reading, Writing and Math courses. As a newly recruited member of the Professional Support Team she heads up the Area Support Group for therapists in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands region and has taken responsibility for the management and distribution of study materials and resources used in NILD Educational Therapy.

Working privately with students who learn differently, Debbie strives to give her students the tools that they need to become competent, life-long learners.

Debbie joined the Board of Directors in 2021

Shireen Archibald – Information Officer


After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree and then an Honours degree in Psychology Shireen’s passion for helping struggling children took a turn.  She trained as a NILD Educational therapist in 2008 (Level 1) and 2009 (Level 2).  Shireen has been a full time Expert NILD educational therapist since 2011. She is also currently The Information Officer for NILD SA and works as a Psychometrist.  Shireen has just completed her Masters degree in Education Therapy (M.ED Educational therapy through SEU).  She is also an Instructor for NILD SA encouraging teachers to use the programme she believes changes lives.