Rx for Discovery Reading – Standard

Successful completion of this course will enable an NILD Educational Therapist to identify and assess student needs in basic reading and utilize the group model Rx for Discovery Reading to teach students basic reading skills. The Rx for Discovery Reading training takes the five essential components of reading – phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension – and systematically teaches NILD Educational Therapists how to use the NILD materials and methodology to develop these components.

The training is designed to model how to weave these components, that we call “strands of language” into a language braid that is comprehensive, constructive, and creative. Once the Rx for Discovery Reading training is completed NILD educational therapists will be able to work with students in a one on one situation or in small groups and effectively and efficiently develop decoding and encoding skills in their students.


Participants need to have a teaching degree, or relevant related degree, and have experience working with children.

Pre-course Preparation:

  • Read Speech to Print by Louisa Moats chapters 1-4
  • Memorise Anchor Words



  •  Grey Matter materials
  • Speech to Print by Louisa Moats

NILD's Philosophy:

Believing that all students can learn and that the brain is open to modification at all stages of development, we provide direct and focused educational treatment for cognitive systems that are weak and vulnerable


R 5 860,00 

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