ANNUAL REPORT July 2022- June 2023




The Board of Directors meets a minimum of once a quarter to discuss financial, operational, legal, and strategic planning issues pertaining to NILD-SA.

 The Board of Directors welcomed Shireen Archibald back onto the Board of Directors in September 2022. The Directors serving on the NILD-SA Board of Directors are: Leoné Kode, Santie Botha, Susan Garrard, Shireen Archibald, Louise van Eck, and Debbie Stroberg.

 According to the NILD-SA constitution, Directors on the Board may serve 3 consecutive terms of 3 years. As such, there are plans in place for 2 currently serving Directors to step down and 2 new Directors to take their places, in the 2023-2024 year. These changes will allow new people to serve the NILD-SA organisation as Directors with enthusiasm and vision. Although change can be uncomfortable at times, the Board understands the necessity of these changes and fully supports them.



The PST is the workhorse of the NILD-SA organisation, working tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of all the operational aspects of the organisation. The team members oversee various portfolios and have members serving in sub-committees to support them when needed.


The current members of the PST are:

Rae Mosdell and Bronwen Broomberg (Area Support Group portfolio)

Olive Surendorff (IT support portfolio)

Belinda Quin (Equipment portfolio)

Jenny Taylor and Chivonne Peters (Membership portfolio)


Changes within the Board of Directors will bring about changes in the PST, and as members of the PST are invited to serve on the Board of Directors, Level 3-trained NILD-SA members will be invited to serve on the PST.


The PST meets in person once a year, and about 6-8 times throughout the year to discuss various issues pertaining to the various portfolios.

The Annual report is also available in PDF format for your convenience.